We all lead busy lives. It’s inevitable, we get caught up in the stress and rushed nature of one day following the next. Wake up, brush teeth, get public transport, stuck in traffic, work all day, get home, make dinner, sleep, do it all again. Anxiety, depression and stress levels are commonly a battle for the modern individual, particularly those of us living in cities. With so much stress in our lives we live for the little moments of luxury and pleasure dabbled amongst busy days, weeks and months.

 “The self-indulgent man craves for all pleasant things… and is led by his appetite to choose these at the cost of everything else.” 
― AristotleThe Nicomachean Ethics

We will always choose a glass of wine, a moment to enjoy chocolate cookie or a bubble bath over a mentally straining evening of completing assignments or a day of running in and out of meetings.

What I’ve tried to capture in my imagery is the selfish little moments in life. The small things you can do in a short moment of bliss to spoil yourself and reset. I’ve featured some of the classic indulgences loved and enjoyed by busy women.

My images feature close ups of lips, eyes and sensual items to bring focus to the way we enjoy our indulgent moments. The close ups leave no room for any of the worries or less pleasant things in life, instead filling the frame with nothing but the pleasurable.

Some of the images are almost seductive. The alluring nature of these images is intentional to entice the desires to indulge in oneself and such tempting activities.

Throughout my images I have used low lighting levels to induce a feeling of relaxation and sensuality. To achieve this effect, I used lamps and candles to light the scenes. The low lighting levels also meant I had to use a high ISO setting on many of the images. Using an ISO of 6400 on many images created a slightly grainy effect which I welcomed in an attempt to create a dreamlike atmosphere.

In several of the photographs I utilise a large aperture to create a shallow depth of field. This effect again is intended to create a dream like effect but also to create dual levels of intrigue in both the foreground and background. In these images with dual focus there is a luxurious item in the foreground such as a glass of wine or a scented candle and behind them is the woman enjoying the indulgence.

I am quite happy with the result of my photography and believe I captured my word thematically and technically.

I hope viewing these images makes you want to find a moment to go and indulge in yourself.



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