Assessment 2 – WIP



The phrase I have chosen is “In the blink of an eye”.

Over the course of this subject one of the photographic techniques I have really enjoyed playing with is utilising fast shutter speeds. This fascination of capturing incredibly quick transient moments that pass so fast the eye can barely detect them became the beginnings of my project. The phrase “in the blink of an eye” then came about as a great idiom that conveys the passing of moments quickly.

Most definitions of the phrase are simply “very quickly” or “extremely quickly”, however the idiom is commonly used to infer that longer periods of time seem to have passed quickly. Examples include “She grew up in the blink of an eye”, or “Christmas will be here again in the blink of an eye”. The phrase also is used to describe things that are very sudden: “the building was demolished in the blink of an eye”, “the magician switched the cards in the blink of an eye”. I liked the combination of both and wished to convey both the slow passing of time and the suddenness of it in my assignment.

I began thinking what I could convey with the saying..

  • Things going wrong in the blink of an eye
    • Featuring glasses spilling and items breaking
  • The moments you miss in the blink of an eye
    • Featuring beautiful things you look past, like birds flying
  • Your day going past in the blink of an eye

I quite liked the third one of taking short moments throughout the day as it had the potential to combine both elements of the idiom. I began brainstorming things that happened in an average person’s day and got caught up on the need to go out into the world to capture it. There were so many things that could happen in a day.

Eventually I resulted in bringing it back to just the passing of a morning in the blink of an eye.

As fast shutter speeds require high light levels I chose to capture these moments in a studio like setting. Making them appear more artistic and less real. Yet I still hope the images are relatable simply through the actions being conveyed.

I liked the idea of playing with capturing moments so transient they eye can barely see them with tasks that are so commonly completed and regularly done that they are mundane and repetitive. It’s an odd juxtaposition between things you don’t see and things you always do.

Mock Ups

Following are some sketches displaying the potential composition of these images.

They will feature an action happening while well lit and on a black background.

1.Toast popping out of a toaster


2.Cereal being poured into milk


3.Toothpaste being spat out


4.Gargling mouthwash


5.Water running out of a shower head


6.Excess foundation being flicked off a brush



Following are some images that display the style I am going for.



Whilst I really like my concept I am worried that it does lack somewhat of an emotive story. It is quite conceptual currently and I would like to workshop someways in which I could make it feel as though it has a story progression. Additionally I am worried that I do not check all the boxes of having an establishing shot, wide shot, detail shot, action shot, portrait and closing shot. My assessment would be made up completely of detail and action shots

The keys ways I can think to workshop and rectify these issues include:

  1. Potentially sandwiching the images between an establishing shot and a closing shot. These would most likely be an image of someone getting out of bed to start their morning routine and someone walking out the door to begin their day. My main concern with this though is that they would not stylistically fit into the series of photographs as they would not be shot in a studio like setting. I could experiment with shooting these things in a full size studio on a black background but this would be challenging due to the lack of access to a studio and the effort of getting a bed into a photography studio.
  2. Shoot the images in a natural setting. By removing the studio-like style of the images it might make them feel more natural and thus more personal. This change would also help to make an establishing and closing shot captured in the natural world fit more seamlessly into the story. Alternatively I could gradually work in the studio like style from the beginning to make the morning seem gradually more dreamlike.
  3. Have a specific individual. Potentially focusing on a specific individual’s routine would give the story more direction, personality and emotion. I could feature them, their face or their hands, in all of the shots as they complete the activities to give it that human touch.


Overall I still need to workshop out a few kinks but I’m sure the process of creating this assessment will pass in the blink of an eye.


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